I went to see my doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering for the update on my test results, and I am excited to announce that:


The thyroglobulin (what we use to track my cancer’s growth) has shrunk to 4.5 ng/mL!

A screen shot of my past thyroglobulin results.

Snapshot of my Medical Report.

Here’s the breakdown:
In May 2018, it was at 7.1 ng/mL.
In July 2018 I made a giant diet/lifestyle change.
In August 2018 it was at 5.1 ng/mL.
And today, we are at 4.5 ng/mL.

So we are on a decline, which is so so so so exciting to see…

Even more exciting news:
The MRI and ultrasound of my neck both revealed that nothing is growing or spreading. There are still some small suspicious nodules/tumor thingies in my neck, spine, and lungs, but ALL OF THEM have completely shrunk in size.

I told my doctor that I have been on the ketogenic diet— she was impressed and said I should keep doing it as long as I feel good and we see positive results!


of myself and what I have accomplished. I don’t think I have ever felt this proud and empowered. I put in a heck of a lot of work, effort, time, and research into the past 6 months, so it is really satisfying and encouraging to get these positive results.

“But Brianna- its called Project Get To Zero… Not Project Get To 4.5!
What happened? Can you get to ZERO?!?!”

I’m not going to lie… when I first saw the results, I was actually a little disappointed when my thyroglobulin wasn’t at zero. I laugh now seeing how much of a go-getter and dreamer I am. When I set my mind to something, I make it a point to win at that game and achieve it no matter what. My goal was to COMPLETELY eradicate my cancer… and there is still some left. So now what?

I reflected on my results for a while, and then I started thinking… Hmmm… the cancer cells that are left must be the evil juggernauts of them all. They are the leaders, commanding the little scrawny ones what to do, where to spread, etc... They are probably the nastiest and strongest of them all. And it’s not their fault! Conventional medicine (specifically the radioactive iodine and chemotherapy I received) has only strengthened them— given them armor and weapons, and has trained them how to battle and wage wars. THEREFORE… it would make sense that even more time, effort, love, care, and avocados, are required for them to figure out that THIS BODY is not their home. (I am thinking visually in terms of what I call “Osmosis Jones Metaphor Logic.” It makes sense, though… right?) Also… its only been 6 months. Great things take time.

So to these evil scary juggernaut cancer cells, I say:

Thanks for coming, but this is not your home! Now come on, you Little Suckers, I’m going for a walk to the farmers market to get you some VEGGIESSSS!!

And to that, they probably scream with terror. “No, No! Anything but that! Feed us sugar! What are you doing to us?!?! AHHHHH!!!” hahaha

I have to be patient. I know someday, they will learn…

When I asked my doctor if zero is possible, she replied, “Yeah… I wouldn’t bet on it,” which is the realistic and doctor-like phrase she is probably required say. And I respect her for that. She reinforced that for me, there is no “ultimate cure,” and that getting to zero is “highly unlikely.”

I plan to change her mind about that.


My mission is still to get to zero. It may not be possible, but so what?! I’d rather die trying than not go for it at all. I want to live a life of possibility, not a life of doctor opinions.

I plan to continue keeping my daily actions strict and in line with getting to zero. And I am ready for this journey that may quite literally last a lifetime. For the first time in a while, I don’t feel intimidated or exhausted knowing there is a really really long road ahead. Instead, I feel like I am a seasoned marathon runner, and I am so so so so determined to win this race, even if it takes me until I’m old and grey. This journey so far has been a gift of discovery- to learn more about cancer, the ketogenic diet, and how to optimize one’s health. HOW AMAZING it is for me to discover the key and crack the code on how to heal myself… WITHOUT the use of toxic therapies and treatments. DREAM. COME. TRUE.

I have what I call “The 3 Pilars of BriPositive” — basically 3 ways I want to move through life. And they are POWER, PURPOSE, and POSITIVITY. Since receiving these results, I am making an update, and adding two more: PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE… as BOTH of those will serve me now on this epically long yet magical journey of healing myself.

I am beyond thankful for all of the support I have received along the way from friends and family. This is news I feel I cannot just celebrate on my own, for it has been such a communal effort. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

just a couple of special THANK YOU shoutouts...

To Nicole- for your guidance, mentorship, friendship, and inspiration always and forever!
To Sabrina- for joining me alongside for the crazy adventure since day 1 and connecting me to Nicole!
To Dru- for your love and support and being my master chef and fasting buddy.
To my parents- for believing in me even when you thought I was crazy.
To Juliet- for being my best friend fur-ever!
To Quinny- for being my awesome roomie and trying my crazy Keto creations.
To Elodie- for being my biggest listener and a light in my life.
To my Peridance Students - for inspiring and motivating me through your movement and dedication!
To Ali - for encouraging me all day everyday.
To Dancers Give Back - for your energy and love, giving me momentum on my journey!
To Vivo- for sending love and light when I needed it most. Yay staycations.
To Aunt Terry- for bringing me peace of mind.
To Meg- for dropping the Buddhist wisdom and knowledge and encouragement!
To Lauren - giving me hope and peace of mind.
To Maria & Dave & doggies - giving Juju and I so much love and support!
To Monet- for sending the best animated emojis and words of encouragment.
To Susan & David & Dylan - for providing an oasis of healing and love.