Let the countdown begin. 36 hours until my next follow blood tests and scans to see where my cancer is at. Results to come a few days later...

I feel like I’ve almost made it to the top of a gigantic mountain, and now I get to finally SEE what is on the other side. There may be more mountains to climb,m... or there might be an EPIC fiesta. Either way, very soon... I get to celebrate the 6 month milestone of Project Get To Zero and reflect on how far I have come. 🙌🏼 Looking ahead, 1 of 3 things could happen with these results: 

  1. The best case dream scenario/my ultimate goal: the cancer is at ZERO, because I have completely starved it of what it feeds on. (Hint: An addictive and highly toxic substance that starts with S and rhymes with booger 🤧.)

  2. The “Meh” - but ALSO REALLY GREAT scenario: The cancer shrunk and I just gotta keep going. 😕🙃👊🏼

  3. Worst scenario: It completely spread all ova the place. 😲

I have taken time and made my peace with all of the possible scenarios. Whatever happens, happens. Getting to zero would be a COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUSLY INSANE MIRACLE... and it is totally possible. I also know that good things take time and lots of effort, so I am ready to keep going- keep fighting harder if need be. It’s also totally okay to find out that I need to change my path and start from the beginning.

The more I read and journal, the more I have this feeling in my gut that I was put on this planet with a strong purpose to heal myself and learn to heal others... 

Stay tuned for what happens! 🤞🏻