1. Go on a walk.

  2. Cuddle/Walk/Play with Juliet. 

  3. Read a book. 

  4. Meditate. 

  5. Breathe deeply.

  6. Drink water and tea.

  7. Have a dance party. 

  8. Make friendship bracelets. 

  9. Look at pictures that make me happy. 

  10. Write in your journal.

  11. Draw a picture. 

  12. Call a friend or family member. 

  13. Write a Thank You letter to someone.

  14. Listen to music. Really listen. 

  15. Play your ukulele. Learn a new song.

  16. Tidy your room. Make a “give away” pile.

  17. Write a poem.

  18. Go to the gym.

  19. Look outside the window. 

  20. Give yourself a foot massage.