Last week, I spent all my travel time non the subway and buses listening to Kris Carr’s Healing Cancer Summit. At first, I was like- ehhhh this stuff is lame sauce. I know what I am doing… But I was surprised at the resources and information I discovered. It was so refreshing listening to people that just GET IT. I was in awe of Kris’s interview skills and her ability to connect to all of the special guests. Listening to all the lectures also reaffirmed that I am on the right path in this healing “Get To Zero” journey…

This morning on my way to teach in Jersey, I listed to the interview with Kelly Turner, Ph.D, founder of The Radical Remission Project, who did a bunch of crazy research to find out what the common ways are to achieve what she calls Radical Remission. To my surprise, only 2 are physical. After listening to her speak, I know I have a lot more soul searching to do. I am also so intrigued by the power of the mind.

Here’s her list of 9:

  1. Radically changing your diet

  2. Taking control of your health

  3. Following your intuition

  4. Using herbs and supplements

  5. Releasing suppressed emotions

  6. Increasing positive emotions

  7. Embracing social support

  8. Deepening your spiritual connection

  9. Having strong reasons for living

I am discovering that every day has it’s Whoopsies and Hoorays. I am really getting that health and wellness is a mix between a full time job and never-ending practice. I am letting that inspire me now instead of stress me out. (A few weeks ago, I was in the head space of making this healing journey like a game with a point system, and THAT only made me feel like a big loser… haha. Really difficult to stay positive in that mindset!)

I am excited about this transformation in myself. I look back at who I was 4 months ago, and where I am now, and I am so proud. I have healthier habits, I am thinking less and doing more, asking for help, saying No to things, putting my health first…

Let the journey to heal myself carry on!