What a D R E A M it was to work on this music video. I pride myself in being a very optimistic person, but even during rehearsals and everything, I was convinced that this wasn’t going to work out, or that all the dancing was going to be cut last minute…. but alas! It ACTUALLY happened. And to top it all off, my hair style made me the featured unicorn woman for the whole day we filmed! hahaha

Jon had introduced me to Coheed years ago, and I started listening to their music. Since working with Jon, we have worked on countless project and dance pieces to their music… with the DREAM of someday being able to be involved in a music video or a show with Coheed.

Then BOOM. This happened.
We asked the Universe for it, then we worked our butts off, and then it happened.

I am learning that hard work ( in this highly superficial & unreasonable dance world ) generally won’t get you your dream job because of dumb reasons you can’t control, but it will get you pretty darn close to something JUST as awesome. This was NOT one of those gigs. Instead, this was one of those once in a lifetimes miracles where we put the work in for a gig so specific, and it actually pays off and comes back to you. And for that, I am so in awe and THANKFUL for this experience. So rare. So unique. I am so lucky.

To Jon- you are the GRIT and FORCE that made it happen... Thank you.

This video is a HUGE victory for The Grit… and for all of those who push their limits late nights and ealy mornings to chase their dreams.

Here’s to making what seems unbelievable achievable.

Coheed and Cambria's official video for their track 'Old Flames' off of their new album The Unheavenly Creatures.


Photography by Emily Dubin