I had a simple idea to make a christmas dance video with a few friends. I told my multi-talented friend, Kyle Breen, about it, and he jumped on board to contribute his brilliant ideas. Kyle is one of my favorite people to work with because he always challenges me to go bigger and think outside the box.

1 google sheet + 1 trips to central park + 2 google docs + 3 late night phone calls + 78 text messages +  25 dancer +, 2 videographers + 3 cameras  =  and we had ourselves an epic video project! 

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christmas spirit 1.JPG

To My Dancers: 

THANK YOU from the very bottom of my yellow heart for all of your love, support, and dedication to make this happen. You all are so so so so special to me. To have all of you together and dancing was BEYOND MAGICAL for me to witness. 

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It could not have been a more perfect day... First of all, the weather was not as bad as it could have been, considering it's December in New York City. Yet in the background for the scenes, we had this beautiful light dusting of snow on the ground! We also didn't get kicked out- despite Kyle climbing up and hanging upside down on iconic park landmarks to glitter bomb people! He also didn't break a single bone after jumping off a 15 foot boulder! (I was literally scared for his life.) As a group, we spread so much joy and happiness in creating this. We touched and inspired so many lives as people watched us dance around like fools, especially the HUGE crowd in front of Bethesda Fountain! And then to finish it all off, we got a visit from so many friendly doggies when we wrapped!!! 

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We brought magic to the world, and the world gave us magic back. 

Spread your love and light.