Let me begin to tell you how last minute this was. Jon and I were both tentatively free on a Wednesday. We were going back and forth for about a week, looking at our schedules, debating as to whether or not it would even be feasible to rehearse, stage, and film something all in the same day. Tuesday night came sooner than expected, and we worked to connect the dots, booking the amazing Kyle Breen for videography, using studio space in NJ (because our gym in Astoria sadly closed down), and booking space in the beautiful Alchemical.


12:30pm | Jon and I started rehearsing. Both of us had already forgotten the first step. I remember giving Jon an "uh oh" look and thinking to myself... I cannot believe we are going to be filming this tonight.

3:30pm | Rehearsal in NJ finished, we drove back to New York.

5:45pm | Grabbed food. Looked at our clothes and picked out what we wanted to wear for the shoot.

6:15pm | On the subway, where Jon always be instagram-story-ing... 

Jon, Kyle, and I at the end of the shoot!

Jon, Kyle, and I at the end of the shoot!

7:00pm | Arrived at the venue to find that there was GIGANTIC water leak in the space. -_-  The wood panels on the floor were lifted up and bending all sorts of crazy ways... so we had to then reblock and adjust the movement to fit diagonally and in the corner in the room. Lucky for us, there were these mirrors in the space we could use, so we arranged them to form a wall with actually ended up looking INSANELY beautiful.

8:45pm | We experimented with freestyling at the end. FYI - we did NOT talk out or plan where to go or what to do. It was a "Press Play & Go!!" type of situation.

9:00pm | That's a wrap!

It was a day full of experimenting, adjusting, professionalism, making it work, thinking on our toes, exercising grit, and sharing our magic. Shout out to Broken Luxury for creating such beautiful music to dance to. Thank you, Jon, for trusting in me. Thank you, Kyle, for going with the flow and capturing the magic! And lastly, thank YOU for reading all of this nonsense and for watching! I hope you enjoy our creation. Share share share!