Hello friends & family!

I created something special with the wonderful @buzzaproductions, and I am so excited to premiere it on my “Cancerpalooza Day” — June 6th— the day I was sent on this monstrous, ambitious, and magnificent journey of self-discovery to self-healing. This year, I am celebrating… believe it or not, my 13th year thriving with cancer.

Through this piece, I wanted to authentically capture and celebrate this magical vessel of mine- this meat-covered skeleton made of stardust! This dancing body and I have undergone so many changes on this epic journey of healing, and so I wanted to do something to celebrate it.

I have been on a mission to cure myself of cancer the past 11 months- through the use of the ketogenic diet and changing my lifestyle. Kinda looks like this: More sleep. Stressing less. Eating avocados. Walking with Juliet. More greens. More Buddhism. More deep breathing. More love. More gratitude. No sugar/carbs. Saying No to things that don’t serve me, and Yes to love and support. And so far, my mission has been successfully working! (Cancer marker dropped from 7.1 ng.mL to 4.5 ng/mL in February this year!) Although my doctor is doubtful that I will ever be completely “cancer-free” due to the type of aggressive cancer I have, I plan to forge forward with so much determination that one day I will be a cancer free. Slow and steady wins the race. Every day is an opportunity to win.

I hope you watch this video and feel inspired to love yourself and your body a little more for all it does for you. Filming this was so therapeutic and fun. There is no better feeling than just moving the way the body wants to move. Free of judgement. Moving from a place of celebration and gratitude.

Thank you, Meg and Grant for being such an amazing team and duo for making this happen.
Thank you, Dru, for your endless support and love!
Thank you, Vivo, for the good vibes always!
Thank you, Juju, for bringing the good juju on set!
Thank you, Body, for all you endure, I will do everything in my power to help you continue to heal.


A few behind the scenes photos: